The starting line… Test Day

It took 7 months but I finally did it,  I completed my real estate course through Rockwell Institute.  To say I had doubts about completing the course would be a serious understatement.  I mean, it was REALLY hard.  Really, really, really hard.  Ok, maybe not that hard but still hard enough to make me concerned about passing the course.  Scheduling to take the state exam was easy, the week of prep work I put into it before hand was not.  I spent an entire week taking mock exams that covered every single possible scenario that could potentially be covered.  Thats a lot of info!  By the time test day came I thought my brain was going to explode.   For those who want to know, my brain did not explode.  I just had a massive headache that lasted for 3 days afterwards.

Anyway,  I made it to the testing site which in our area is an H and R Block.  I was ushered into this tiny room with two other gals, both of whom were taking their tests for the second time.  Talk about pressure!  I was thinking to myself, is this test really that hard?!   I’m surprised I managed to remember anything that I learned over the past 7 months.  Between the headache and the nervousness (test taking is not my strong suite by the way), I managed to finish.  I finished the exam in exactly 2 hours.  I was allotted 3 & 1/2 and I was the first to be done out of the three of us women.  When i got up from the computer I thought was I going to puke.  To be done early and the first, I was sure I had failed.  Plain and simple.

Your test results print the second you hit the submit button and the test proctor has them waiting for you when exit the tiny room.  She had no expression that gave any hit as to how well I did.   I was terrified.  The proctor handed me the freshly printed page, facing downward.  I took a deep breath, turned the page over and scanned it so fast that I had to scan a couple more times before I found the word “PASSED”buried amongst the other mumbo jumbo.  

I looked up at the proctor and with wide eyes, said “Holy shit…I passed”.   We exchanged a couple high fives and huge smiles then I was on my way.  When I got home my husband was patiently waiting and by patiently waiting I mean he was playing a video game.  But he did press pause when I walked in.  “So how’d it go”, he asked.  “I passed”, I squeaked and I got the most biggest, proudest bear hug I have ever gotten.

The test is now behind me and I was issued my temporary license so that I could sign with a brokerage firm of my choosing.  The big question now is,  What’s next??

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 10:26 pm
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  1. I love this and I'm so proud of you!

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